Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friendship is a two-way street.

This title is something I strongly believe in.
I've been on both ends of this statement-- being the friend that feels like the only one who cares and being told by the other person that I "don't care."
As far as being told that I don't care, it's pretty amazing how I show them that I "don't care."
People whine and whine about being so unhappy, not having any friends, etc. but it's all bullshit.
When effort is actually made it goes unnoticed or ignored. You're not looking for friendship. You just want attention and want someone to feel sorry for you. I'm not buying into it anymore.

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  1. This sounds as if it's about that certain someone that me and Kristi used to be jealous of! FYI: A friend is there to support you no matter what, listen to you no matter what, and love you no matter what. You don't need a person in your life that it is a constant struggle to be friends with.