Thursday, March 10, 2011


Exes can be so deceitful. They have tricks up their sleeve that you wouldn't believe.

Background info: My ex was on my phone plan even after we broke up, we discussed it and decided that he'd remain on my plan so that we both could save money until he could afford to cancel his portion of the contract. Well after he couldn't pay the bill on time 2 months in a row I told him that I was going to turn it off. He calls me cussing me out but tells me to do it, only because he wanted to test me. Some people have so little faith in me. Well the very next day that's just what I did.

So for the trickery... He texted me in the middle of the night from a number I didn't recognize. So of course I'm going to respond asking who it is. He tells me who it is and that he's going to send me the money he owes me soon and later asks if we can be friends. Since he's psycho I tell him that we'll see as in it's possible, only because I want my money.
So I guess we both have our tricks.
And now I basically haven't heard from him since. So he just came up with this plan to mess with my head.

Fortunately, I didn't count on ever recieving the money. Otherwise I'd be screwed.
My plans for the money were to buy a new phone, get a new number and never have to hear from him again. Of course right before I did all that I was going to thank him for the money, tell him my plan & that he could fuck off for all of the bullshit he put me through.
I came up with this plan after finding out that the day I was moving out he went behind my back and lied to my parents about something that he THOUGHT would make them resent me and not help me move anymore. That plus him telling me he was going to send me some money.

Soon enough I will have the money to get a new phone and continue with my plan, but instead tell him that I didn't need his money and that he's a stupid bum peice of shit for the previous stated reasons.


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